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ordered & rcieved a £3.99 3 little tiny pots.

DISCOVERED THEY TOOK £87 out of my account.

Do not dare to tell me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me one hundred words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How dare you.

You and your Company are a disgrace an affront a total total by god you have done wonders for british/american relationship.

Lets face it you yanks are an absolute disgrace....

You want one hundred words min.

You have ROBBED STOLen the food from my childrens table....

That money that you fraudently stole was to feed my family, toiletries and cleaning materials for a week.

BELIEVE ME you have not heard the end of this.....

British Trading Standards have been informed of this....

And by God.American Trading Standards if you despicable RACE (heh theres a laugh!!!!) have such a thing will be informed...

Rest assured that unless my money is REFUNDED IN FULL ....

Have I managed a one hundred word yet???

I could go on....

Monetary Loss: $83.

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Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #608018

Have you noticed that an overwhelming majority of participants who post complaints here have an extremely poor grasp of the English language? Most messages here seem to be posted by people who lack any sense of what a coherent message is, post what amount to rants (as opposed to legitimate "complaints"), almost always show absolutely no understanding, concept or implementation of proper grammar, proper punctuation or correct spelling and generally appear extremely uneducated or display a reading level of that of a 7 year old.

It's my opinion that most of the problems these folks incur is a direct result of their own ignorance, be that as a result of not reading agreements or contracts (or simply not having the ability to read these documents) or suffering from the same lack of English retention and understanding they show right here posting their complaints. I know this sounds like I'm bashing these people, but in reality, I find this very sad and quite alarming. One reason big business gets away with what they get away with is partly because (based on what I see here), people just aren't as intelligent or educated as they should be (or used to be?), and as such, are taken advantage of for more often and easier than, say, myself and other folks who took schooling much more seriously. It's quite evident that functional illiteracy is taking over as the norm in this country, and that's a scary thought, indeed!

The "dumbing-down of America", has transgressed to the "dumb America", unfortunately. And those using "Ebonics" and/or "leet-speak" make matters even worse. But in my opinion, the greater issue here isn't the use of such improper grammar, spelling and punctuation, it's the general acceptance of such. Our language is changing, certainly not for the better, and the results are before us.

Uneducated people who cannot communicate a simple thought, who are underpaid, undervalued, probably overworked and obviously taken advantage of which creates a larger disparity among social circles are contributing to the economic downfall of our country. Intentionally ("Ebonics") or otherwise (acceptance of "leet speak").

The biggest problem in my opinion? When these types of messages are accepted as the norm, it hurts us all as a whole.

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