This company in Israel sent a so called free sample with no return address or contact details. After the 14 days I still could not return the product.

Then the company DSM DSEABEA beauty kit.com took 97.95 from my bank account.

I hope they do not apply for further payments because since they do not leave customer contact details I cannot speak with them to find out if they have closed the account down. I was also not aware that I was tied into any agreement as this was not clear when taking the free trial - or so I thought!

Monetary Loss: $98.

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom #644939

Just had a call from my bank fraud team to say that they have tried to take £97.95 out... luckily my bank declined the amount as they knew about this company.

My bank say that it does say in fine print that they will try and take money each month as by giving your card details i have entered into an agreement??? my bank are monitoring this now each month.

I suggest people contact their bank's fraud team (retail) and ask that a block be put on your acct for this company urgently.. they have to be stopped !!

to Dead sea kit..fraudsters!!! p Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #646228

I did the same thing, this team of fraudsters took two payments out of my bank one for £95.00 and a second for £97.00.

I phoned the bank and had the same response, that the company was known to them. They have blocked them and thankfully no more payments have been taken.

London, England, United Kingdom #644901

Exactly the same thing happened to me - Dead Sea Beauty Kit took £95 from my Bank account - please be aware of this scam!

to Chelmsford Girl #654663

Dead sea rip victim told to return it to is real what a joke anyone know how much this will cost? Does any one have a address in the UK

to fool Nottingham, England, United Kingdom #658079

Tell them they are obliged by law to give a uk address as they are registered in the uk.It is not your problem if they are unable to give one. Don't send it back to Israel.

Just keep insisting that you know your rights, threaten them with legal action.

The ASA have upheld several complaints about this company recently. Let them know that you know this and they will back down.

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