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I answered a pop up advert on Facebook from this company they were looking for women to use their products and review them...I filled in a forms asking age, skin type, etc..then then congratulated me as I had been chosen as one of the 7 women to test their product...they showed various creams and I had to tick which I would review...they said they were free but I had to pay £3.95 postage... I then in good faith gave my debit card details..the product arrived in a bubble wrap envelope, with no packaging,advice note,nothing !outside the envelope said it had come from Israel but no address.I noted that the £3.95 had come out of my account March 3rd.

then on Monday 8th April I noticed that they had taken £97.95 out of my account. I have been to my bank TSB explained everything to them but they refuse to take my money back as I gave them my card details even though the fraud department admitted that they know about this Scam, they also cannot guarantee me that further payments would not be taken out of my account.I have cancelled that card.

I have trawled the internet and found many people have been duped with person gave an email address so I emailed them explained I signed up to test and review their products not to buy a beauty kit...I threatened to take legal action not only against them but facebook and Amazon who also run this scam..I have had a reply offering me £30.00 refund if I agree (in writing) to 1.

not take any further action against them and 2. Do not dispute payments taken from my account with my bank.(further payments) I told them to get lost I want full repayment also I have sent products to Yardley Laboratories for testing to see what's actually in them as they have to stoop so low to sell them.

Monetary Loss: $98.

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sorry they scammed you also. what i will say your bank is not telling truth you can have your bank stop continuous payment authority to this lot if they tell you they cant there lying..also remeber log in there online account go to auto refil and have it stopped as they will send you a new batch every month.. i was nearly scammed but i checked them out 2 days after i recieved my cream's and i have had fights with them and they have left me alone...and they have not been able to debit my card i did send there creams to isreal 3weeks later so i had proof if they tried any dirty work with me..

makes me wonder if the banks know this why there allowing it

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