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i purshased this free trial £3.95 P/P Arrived within days tried it 1 day brought my face up with servere swelling under my eyes took a picture and sent it via email they replied pass it onto a friend or relative and pay £48.00 INSTEAD OF £120 like they were doing me a favour i wrote back and said i wouldnt give it to my worst enemy they then said return it to iseral the cost of this is £11.95 NOW IM CONCERED THEY HAVE MY BANKING DETAILS can some one offer any advise

i have told them im going to seek advise with this company and havnt heard back to my horror i feel this is a big scam company who seem to be selling this free sample then there trying to get me to part with money discusting and still suffering with servere burning to my face

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Stevenage, England, United Kingdom #617322
I got the "trial" kit and the collagenta, returned them. Then they took £195.00 out of my account!

I am furious. I want to take this further if someone can tell me what to do?

They should be put out of business, taking money from people on fraudulent pretences! :( Where do i phone to report these awful, uncaring, heartless, evil people?
to Fuming!! Oxford, England, United Kingdom #617449

So it doesn't really matter what u do then coz they still take your money... Scamming b**ards...... If u check my other comments there is a number u can't ring x

Oxford, England, United Kingdom #615334

i got my products from i called action fraud team to and they have confirmed it was fraud... they asked me to leave there number for you guys and u to should report these companies

i also got the collagenta product too all sed free trials but didnt imply they were 14day trials till i got the emails from them ... now i have a fight oin my hands in getting my money bk.... u cant even contact these companies its a disgrase and unfair

here is the action fraud number for u guys that have had the same done to u

Action fraud 03001232040... hope u report them and get ur money bk ... good luck guys xx

Oxford, England, United Kingdom #614980
i have also just been conned by so angry by this. :( i got the free trial and was on the understanding that i only had to pay for postage and i also took the other trial that came with it the collanenta...

i have been charge £97 this morning and thats without this other one....

i have 4 children to feed and them taking this money has left my family and i without food and heating as it was my last bit of money ... i got straight onto my bank and told them i was mislead now a block has been put on my account so they cant take anymore x
to sweet69ner Manchester, England, United Kingdom #614992
Hi all wendy here the one with the burnt face i did block this scam company through my bank and to my horror this company took 97.00 pound today which is my house rent am so angry what was the point of the bank blocking when they have still done it wish i was in iseral *** people :(
to sweet69ner Manchester, England, United Kingdom #614995
aw you should still check your bank account as my bank told me they had blocked them but they took 97.00 today gutted and fuming :( please keep you eye on your money and make sure the bank pay you back they can afford it we cant but disgusting company riping of folk they are making millions should all get them on the tv watch dog :(

The offer popped up on my PC - can't remember from where it came. Anyway it seemed good enough to try so I went for it.

Stupidly I then went back to quiz the small print and of course the T&C and Customer Support tabs don't work. I am cautious about purchases on the internet and only ever pay by credit card, which I see as protection. The charge has gone through and my bank tell me they will put through a request that no further charges are made so I have to check my a/c daily. But will their request be ignored?

Did anyone else notice that you have to return the samples UNUSED (to Isreal) .... might be tricky to sample them if I don't use them (though reading other posts on here that would be a massive mistake).

Am anxious that they will get away with this as they won't be covered by our laws. Even if I were to return them they would probably claim they didn't receive the goods .... they've got my card details and am bothered about owning up to my stupidity to other people

to Gullible Oxford, England, United Kingdom #614981

i feel the same as you.. i emailed these guys and told them that there products have given me spots...

this product is also on fb as a scam .... i hope my bank can help me resolve this x


Poor you! I know how you feel as the same thing has happened to my face.

I got free trial Eye gel/moisture/night cream - at a shipping cost only £3.95. My under eye area was really swollen for 3 days and both eyes are very wrinkled and leathery in texture now.

They advertised this product as being for all types of skin. I phoned my bank and they have told me that because I have warned them of the potential extra Debit card SCAM!

They will be able to get me a refund if this company do try to take funds out, also, if you manage monitor your account online and check every day if that Dead Sea have just taken money out of your account, you can block it before 12:00 noon. Please check this with your bank.

Good luck to all!

to Lou Manchester, England, United Kingdom #614997
pleased keep your money safe from these scammers even though my bank blocked them they still took a whopping £97.00 TODAY 22ND FEB :(
Ilford, England, United Kingdom #604632

Hi Wendy, the best thing that you do is get hold of your bank, and let them know what has happened, and get the bank to stop any payments to that company.


If your bank doesn't stop payments, get your card change over for a new card, as this will have a new security number on it.

to Smith #604637

many thanks foor your advise which i have taken on board kind regards wendy

to Smith Oxford, England, United Kingdom #615352

this isnt how it works huni... i have been making phone calls all day to different people i even called the police...

didnt really have much luck ... i got given a number for action fraud and these guys were very helpful and confirmed it is fraud... these companies are very hard to get hold of.... i didnt have any return slip or address to send these items bk..only the email i received them...

so i replied to it and they have told me that im not getting my money back... evern though it states a 30 day 100% money back

to sweet69ner Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom #615355

They shouldnt get away with this there making millions they wernt even appologetic about the pictures i sent they said pass them on to a friend hey i wouldnt give it to my worst enemy disgusting people

to jasmine2013 Oxford, England, United Kingdom #615360

wendy please ring that number and put ur conplaint into them sweet... the more the get the more help we get at stopping this sort of thing xx

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