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Their email is :

But you won't be able to cancel your order, they will answer you 2 days later to tell you : "Sorry we could not cancel your order, our system is automated and our support doesn't work 24/7 blablabla"...:(

So I advise you to do this (this is what I did and I haven't heard from them anymore, and they did not take anymore money from my account) :

1. Cancel your credit card.

2. Keep a copy of messages you sent them. Tell them you want your account and order canceled.

3. When the samples will arrive at your home (and trust me, they will arrive!), REFUSE IT and DON'T OPEN IT. If it arrived when you weren't home, go to your post office and tell them you want the package returned to the sender. That way, it won't cost you shipping and handling (THEY will have to pay for it :)

4. Keep an eye on your bank account, and prepare to contest any further transaction.

5. Send a message to the company ( saying that you sent back the samples.

6. Go to their website : and login to your account. Then go to "Manage autorefills" and be sure you check : DO NOT SEND AUTOREFILLS.

Feel free to ask me questions, I did exactly that and it worked. Don't give up!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I also ordered free sample of set of allure Dead Sea face and eye cream and was under impression of only having to pay for postage and packaging but have had £ 97.95 taken from my bank a/c. I have e mailed them , and hope they get back to me ASAP !

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